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The main task of the Institute is encorauge and propagate research about ALS in order to carry out the will in memory of its mastermind

Temple of science

Designed  as an monument to the Science, the Temple of Science was opened in February 2, 2002 by Paulo Gontijo. It is located in central region of Brazil, on BR050 Highway, Km141.
Headquarter of the IPG and Idealized to be a place for meditation and to contemplate the Sciences,  the Temple of Science have octagonal shape, which allowed the creation of seven external  panels that represents the Universe Creation, according to the Energetic Theory conceived by Paulo Gontijo.
The internal panels shows 246 renowned scientists in the field of Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Religion. Besides theses renowned scientists, there is a panel dedicated to its creator, Mr. Paulo Gontijo, where we can find his biography and a summary of his books: The Energetic Theory and The Life Theory.
In its dome there is a replica of the Solar System and laterally there are boxes designated to the storage of scientific works. 
The Temple of Science was designed to last more than 2,000 years, according to its creator’s calculus. It was built of reinforced concrete covered by stainless steel plates which were carefully supported and embedded on 17 independent reinforced concrete covered pipes. They were calculated to endure an earthquake of 9 on the Richter Scale.

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