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Steam Cell (ST) is the main hope for ALS patients?
Many strategies are necessary to combat ALS. Stem cell is one of them and is a promising one. However, we can´t have the illusion that is a panacea (something that will solve all the problems). Perhaps, the safer and more efficient treatment will not use just the direct injection of ST, but also another compound carried by them or some drug developed from this technology. There are many possibilities opened by ST, but is necessary to check which one will lead to the target.
Miguel Mitne Neto
What do you think about electrostimulation in ALS treatment?
Electrostimulation have been used in neurologic rehabilitation, especially after cerebral ischemia and spinal cord injury. Different from this situation, in ALS the motor neuron degenerates and, as a result there is loss of trophic stimulus for the muscle. This stimulus, necessary for the maintenance of muscle mass, does not happen with the electric stimulation of muscle or the nerve ending survivor.  For this reason, the electrostimulation is not indicate for maintain strength or function. Some forms of electrostimulation is use for pain treatment.  As the immobility and muscle atrophy in ALS may cause pain, in this situation the electrostimulation can be usefull.
Dr. Francisco Rotta
What is ALS?
ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a neurologic disease in which the motor neuron degenerate.
I would like to know if is true that the combination used in bipolar disorder of corticosteroid + carbolitium 300 + depakene300 can raise the number of neuron and be helpful in neurodegenerative diseases.
There is no indication that corticosteroid and depakene have some effect in neurodegenerative disease. About the carbolitium, some recent studies suggests that it don´t have any effect or can worsen ALS patients.
Dr. Francisco Rotta



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