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PG Institute launch exhibition in metro stations

Published: 05/23/2019

To reinforce the ALS International Day (June 21th), Paulo Gontijo Institute will launch, on June 3rd, the photograph exhibition called Olhar Além d’ELA (Look beyond ALS), at the metro station Paulista (in Sao Paulo, yellow line). In partnership with the NGO ImageMagica, are being presented images registered by families of people with ALS and by the professional photographer André François, revealing touching stories full of life. In july, the exhibition will move to the historical metro station Luz (also in Sao Paulo, yellow and blue lines).

Special intervention

On June 5th, the Institute will be available to the public at the Paulista station to give more information about ALS. A catalogue will be distributed presenting the story behind each photo. Besides disseminating knowledge about the disease, the exhibition wants to strengthen the patients, families and health professionals, inviting society to debate through the photography project. Plan your visit!


Legend: Above, Kerle Rodrigues and Targino Neto, in the city of Gama/DF, 2010. Married more than 20 years, they lived in Sao Paulo when they found ALS, in 2006. Photo: André François.



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