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Paulo Gontijo Institute is now a Gife member

Published: 06/17/2019

After a long and careful selection process, the Paulo Gontijo Institute (IPG) was officially incorporated, on June 13rd, to the select and important Group of Foundations and Enterprises, the Gife. This is an immeasurable achievement for the IPG and a milestone in its history, says Silvia Tortorella, executive director.

"It is very significant for the IPG to join Gife after all the time and effort we invested to bring our processes to the standards of the group, proving that we are a serious family institution. At the same time, we gain a lot from now on, by being in contact with other important institutions of diverse areas. And we have a lot to contribute, sharing our experiences and adding efforts," says Silvia.

Benefits and commitments

With the conquest, the IPG reinforce its commitment to propagate actions the benefit people with ALS and their families. The inclusion in the Gife Network, institution that has 141 members today, was due to the serious and responsible work of IPG, related to research and information on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), as well as free patient care.
The IPG certifications, supported by serious annual audit processes, and the transparency of the actions and projects developed, have a true impact on society. They are also recognized by renowned institutions and partners such as the Philips Foundation.
The Gife Network is composed of a large diversity of members,  in terms of their origin – whether set up by a corporation, a family, independently, or as part of a community organization – as well as their different themes and approaches: social, cultural and/or environmental projects with a public purpose. The group is the major reference, in Brazil, in the field of private social investment, generating impact and promoting valuable alliances in the world of the third sector.



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