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Einstein forum for access to medicines

Published: 06/05/2017

The Paulo Gontijo Institute was present  at the "Einstein Forum for Access to Medicines", an event promoted on May 24 by the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein with the support of the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper.
The forum brought together health institutes, government, pharmaceutical industry organizations, patient associations and NGOs, and addressed issues such as access to and quality of drugs, classic and cheap drugs that were withdrawn from the market, expensive and inaccessible drugs, Industry and regulatory agencies, as well as a debate on judicialization.
The meeting took place at an important time for the ALS community, since in May this year the FDA approved a new drug for the treatment of the disease: Edaravone, the first drug approved in 22 years for the ALS treatment that can control its progress. The drug is scheduled to arrive in August in the United States and does not yet have an estiEimated date to reach Brazil.
 One of the conclusions of the Forum's discussions was that the high-cost medicines should only be used in public or private reference centers, as this would avoid wasting resources, unnecessary indications and expensive treatments in patients who could benefit from more simpler  therapies.
 Brazil today faces several difficulties in accessing medicines, among them the high cost of new medicines and the withdrawal from the market of other old but very effective medicines. According to debaters, this measure could even reduce the escalation of health judicialization in Brazil, which in 2017 reached R$ 7 billion in the municipal, state and federal spheres.

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