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HUMANIZATION - Help patients and families to have better treatment.

Equipment Lending Project

What is:
Offer, by lending, assistive technology equipment.
Enable ALS patients to communicate their necessities and share thoughts, interacting with the world around them.  
How act
Patient in advanced stage of ALS is not able to communicate through speech. Although the mobility is reduced, the intellectual capacity is preserved.
There are equipment that allow patient not only to have a written text vocalized, but also browse in internet and control electronic device by short movements or moving only the eyes. As this technology have a high cost, many patients cannot have this device.
In Equipment Lending Project, patient is evaluated by a professional, who will select the best device for his needs. If the equipment that the patient need is available, IPG lend it for the patient and also offer an occupational therapist who will follow the patient in order to train its use, providing, in this way, a better quality of life for the patient.
Paulo Gontijo Institute is looking for new partnership to own new equipment
“Here is Napoleão.
I am very glad with this computer.?
Thanks so much to IPG. We always put you in our pray for God bless you and make you happy in all your activities.
Kind regards”
(Priest Napoleão) - Wrote this message using equipment lent by IPG

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