The Paulo Gontijo Institute – IPG, was created thanks to the wish and idealism of its creator, Mr. Paulo Gontijo. Its specific objective is to stimulate and propagate the Science.

According to its creator, the definition of its objective, came up after the belief that Science is the only tool which is able to give Men, the power to distinguish them from the other beings, since they were the only ones who managed to create and develop such a set of knowledge. To Paulo Gontijo, Science is the major mankind asset.

With this strong belief and a death sentence, pronounced by the doctors, when they realized Paulo Gontijo suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), he has decided to dedicate the rest of his life to Science and its propagation.

As his last efforts, he has built the Science Temple – a monument exclusively dedicated to the Science propagation – and he has also created the Paulo Gontijo Award – reserved to stimulate the Science – which will award the best papers on Physics, Biochemistry, Mathematics and Medicine.

Formally instituted in 2005, the IPG tries, in these first moments, to organize, articulate and provide everything that is necessary for the institution to start its activities, specially the Paulo Gontijo Award.
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